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What is ABX Blueprint?

ABX Blueprint is an Account-Based Marketing and Account-Based Experience advisory firm, implementing ABM/ABX technologies and frameworks.

What is ABM?

ABM stands for Account-Based Marketing. It provides a better ROI, more effective long-term growth strategies, and increases revenue while increasing visibility into your sales cycle. ABM also produces bigger deal sizes, with 25% of marketers reporting deals are often 50% larger when an ABM strategy is used. While ABM has improved the relationship between sales and marketing, there are still significant silos, and customer success is routinely not involved in ABM sales and marketing conversations.


A salesperson’s traditional short-term focus is on one person (or organization) to close the deal. In ABX, the sales team collaborates with marketing and customer experience teams to boost customer success and retention.

What is ABX?


When utilizing ABM strategies, marketers view their role as the noble messenger. They communicate with a compelling message that delivers over the long term. With ABX, they take the long term message a step further with potential and current customers.

Customer Experience

While ABM connects Sales and Marketing, ABX puts greater focus on customer experience. By collaborating closely, these three teams can organize and coordinate an end-to-end user experience master plan.

Why ABX?

Let’s say a business only followed ABM. Their marketing attracted the right people, their sales offered phenomenal service and onboarding, but then, the customer experience did not meet expectations or promises. This leak in the boat affects your reputation, stunts long-term growth, and lacks the opportunity for product improvement.


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Khullani is a Digital Strategy Consultant with a boutique digital agency based in Chicago, Episteme X. She has more than ten years of experience as a marketing and revenue strategist helping clients and companies develop and execute high-growth customer-acquisition campaigns. She serves companies in the cybersecurity, legal, technology, and healthcare verticals. Khullani holds a BA in Philosophy from Carleton College and a Juris Doctor from the University of Minnesota Law School.

Khullani Abdullahi, JD.

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